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I Love You Anyway – Ep. 109 – Marne Lucas

Love of water, encyclopedia vs. internet, art and photography, end of life doula, intuition, hedonism, an unprescribed life, love is the glue, and much more…




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I Love You Anyway – Ep. 102 – Milo Wolf

Infinite love, spirit trap, unity vs. uniqueness, de ja vu, the mulitverse, losing a friend, evolution of consciousness, the ego, vape withdrawal, repeating patterns, subjective reality, and much more…

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 94 – Dustin P.

Maintaining health, journal writing, forgiveness, second chance at love, crying is good, ayahuasca, therapy, sleep apnea, and much more…






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OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 81 – Lindsay K.

Surviving cancer, childhood anxiety, eating disorders, achievement culture, the need for love, lust for life, sharing our difficulties, corona virus perspectives, hope, shedding false authenticity, and much more…

OUTSPOKEN – A New Decade

Happy New Year, Everyone!!

With tremendous gratitude and sincere love, I wish you all the best in the coming year. Thank you for listening!

R & R Is The Reason… Plus Some Gratitude

An explanation of the reason for my brief hiatus, and gratitude for YOU, as a person and as a listener, and yet more gratitude for the things Outspoken brings to my life.

With love and kind intent,

Justin W.


Note: At one point I say “accrued” when I meant “incurred”, and it pains me to leave it in, but I’m attempting to go easier on myself and to allow for the occasional gaffe or misspoken word without it meaning something about my self worth. The fact that I didn’t edit it out should be balanced with the fact that I saw it necessary to write this note, when considering or evaluating the extent of my spiritual development, and the fact that I have put so much time and energy into something so seemingly insignificant may perhaps also serve as a window into my unrealistic standards and expectations, and my somewhat unforgiving self-criticism. My goal is to be kind and considerate to all who are trying to be good, including my current self and the little guy who lives inside and punches my heart while telling stories about not being good enough. It’s not hard to see that each of us had  certain needs that went unmet when we were tiny humans, but some of us have a harder time than others letting go of the emotional pain our circumstances may have created. Whether you are one type or the other, or somewhere in between, thank you for reading, thank you for listening, and my apologies, and you’re welcome, and I salute myself, and all those like or unlike me, for the effort and progress, and I forgive us all for the mistakes made while learning.

OUTSPOKEN Outtakes – Volume 7

Previously unreleased material from episodes 27, 31 & 33.

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 29 – Aaron W.

Path to photography, alternative learning styles, human creativity, love and relationships, balancing karma, hot lava, partner is a therapist, space drink, and much, much more…

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 25 – Josh B.

Toxic masculinity, vulnerability, empathy, commitment, the triangle, using privilege for good, new father of a son, last of the revolutions?, spreading love, global reckoning, parenting advice, Mr. Rogers, and much, much more…

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 15 – Juliet D.

Turning 50, finding purpose, fear of flying, farting, sharks are nicer than you think, cheese, Philadelphia, claustrophobia, life-affirming messages, Yma Sumac, wishing love & kindness, intuition, being vegetarianish, and much, much more…