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I Love You Anyway – Ep. 108 – Greg McClellan

Love of sound, drumless drumming, heavy music, horror films with dad, paper routes, hyper tapes, befriending Bruce Bickford, creating the longest concept album of all time, and much more…




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I Love You Anyway – Ep. 107 – Bill Hunt

Hard to kill, Texas, dilapidated housing, RV living, non-attachment, drugs, camping, advances in parenting, and much more…


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I Love You Anyway – Ep. 102 – Milo Wolf

Infinite love, spirit trap, unity vs. uniqueness, de ja vu, the mulitverse, losing a friend, evolution of consciousness, the ego, vape withdrawal, repeating patterns, subjective reality, and much more…

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 100 – John H. (Pt. 2)

A continued conversation with John H., including a few reminiscences of his long-time friend, legendary artist and animator, Bruce Bickford.




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OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 99 – John H. (Pt. 1)

Early musical impressions, learning history, cultural shifts, good catholic school, seeing The Beatles/Jimi Hendrix/James Brown, etc., dodging the draft, and much more…





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OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 91 – David F.

Inspired near water, public pools, bullies, drive-in movies, reluctant self-promotion, fame, evolutionary shifts, maintaining hope, and much more…



David on Instagram: @dafremont





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OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 61 – Nathaniel P.

The philosophy of messiness, resisting assumed compulsions, communicating through painting, Little My, the accidental child, and much more…

OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 40 – Aaron G.

Time is compressing, heavy metal, art as salvation, mailman’s path, human potential, pushing religion, and much more…




OUTSPOKEN – Ep. 17 – Corey P.

Walking & wandering, executive function disorder, food service work, escaping the burbs, movies, lost in music, Haight Street, fate or circumstance, Benjamin Button, acceptance, pros and cons of conformity, the happiness gene, hat dependency, and much, much more…